About LSS

LSS was founded by Cooper LeComp to complement his experience with AFM Simulation and TorqueSim. With over half a decade in the flight simulation industry and being a part of countless projects, Cooper and the team at LSS are prepared for whatever project you need completed. LSS has worked with different firms for both consumer and professional applications.

AFM Simulation

Advanced Flight Modeling Simulation is known for the Mooney M20 Collection, G5 Avionics, and more. AFM has been a part of many projects for the X-Plane flight simulator.

TorqueSim Aircraft Development

TorqueSim is the main venue for LSS' consumer-oriented sales. TorqueSim started a joint venture between LSS (AFM) and Attitude Simulations with the release of the Pocket Rocket for X-Plane 11. It has grown into a team of many developers, releasing the Take Command! SR20 and SR22 Series, in addition to the BN-2 Islander.

Contact LSS

If you are in need of flight simulation development services, interested in joining the team, or just want to learn more, please reach out at contact@lecomp.net